Why we are different

We believe in traditional values such us honesty, hard work, commitment and attention to detail. We think these values are in decline in today’€s world, so we try even harder to introduce new technologies in connection with those values.

We don’€t cut corners and we are very thorough; we use high-quality materials and never compromise on quality of work.

We are different because of our attention to the tender process. Our quotes are detailed and a breakdown is provided, so there are no surprises such as huge ‘€extra’€ costs.

We are very flexible and we understand our industry. We are aware that the planning process can take time, deliveries can be late, weather can make some works slower and other unforeseen circumstances can occur.

We are prepared for all of this! We’ll always work closely with the client/architect/project manager until all the issues are resolved. We work equally well alongside architects and project managers as we do unsupervised. We also work closely with building inspectors to make sure all current building regulations are met.

We treat CDM and Health & Safety regulations very seriously, and this is why we have our own policy. We have trained our team and our foreman who has a Site Safety Plus certificate.